No really, it is.
Have you made the leap to an electric toothbrush yet? If yes then you understand where I am going with this post. If not, that’s okay but know your life is about to change!
Don’t get me wrong, nothing is wrong with the old-fashioned toothbrush. It works as advertised. People have been using it for years, it is a good deal at $4 or less, and you just need water and toothpaste for it to work. So why would you change? You don’t have a cavity, the cost is nominal, and it’s a known quantity. I had the same thoughts at one point; here is a brief story about my journey.
It all began when I was on a trip and saw a friend brushing with a Philips Sonicare (I am not being paid for this) and began to question them on why they would dare spend $120 on a toothbrush. “I care about my teeth, that’s why,” they said. I was offended. I care about my teeth, I brush them 2+ times a day and floss when I can – how do they know I don’t care about my teeth?
This conversation started my research into the topic of electric toothbrushes versus the traditional type. I read websites, packaging, company promises, and asked my dentist and friends. In the end it came down to 2 things: 1) what did my dentist have to say about it and 2) what friends used the brush and did they have better teeth than my other friends who didn’t use the electric.
My dentist has a good business; I don’t think he was being paid off when he told me that I was crazy not to use the Sonicare (he even said to use specifically a Sonicare) and that it would be an investment that would pay dividends. Then I talked to my friends and I found a consensus amongst those who use an electric – they, by and large, have a whiter smile and a cheaper dental bill.
Within 24hrs after being convinced, I found myself on reading reviews on the different Sonicare brushes.  I took the plunge and haven’t looked back since. I now walk the streets with confidence as I flash my pearly whites. I no longer dread the dentist and even look forward to hearing their compliments at how good of job I am doing on keeping my teeth clean.
How does this have anything to do with Cloud Computing?  I’m glad you asked. Let me attempt to tie the two together.
Like a traditional toothbrush, a traditional network (*a server-based network inside your four walls, managed and replaced every few years) works as advertised. It’s been doing the job for years, it’s relatively inexpensive upfront, and is also a known quantity. You just need time (water) and money (toothpaste) to make it work. Why would your business switch?
I won’t be as offensive as my friend and say it’s because you don’t care about your business, I know you do! But have you considered making the switch to Cloud Computing? Maybe yes, maybe no– either way, talk to your peers and industry consultants about the latest happenings with Cloud Computing.  Which option is the most efficient? Which one has the lowest cost of ownership? Which one keeps you more secure and your work flow cleaner?  In short, technology now has options – there are multiple models that will support your business model as a CPA.
In the end I made my toothbrush decision for 2 key reasons:
1)    Less Pain: I don’t have to tell you, toothaches ruin your day. It’s such a small piece of your body, yet it paralyzes you when something so fundamental goes wrong.  The technology parallel is alarming. As a CPA, it’s about you providing value to your clients.  It’s your experience, ability to listen, and guidance that creates the value. BUT if you have technology pains, it will hinder everything else in your business, including your ability to deliver.
2)    Lower Cost of Ownership: No way to slice it, an electric toothbrush is about 30x more expensive than a normal toothbrush upfront. BUT add a few cavities that could have been avoided by using a more proficient device and you are talking about a serious role reversal in the above cost scenario. Networks are the same way, where cavities and root canals come in the form of security breaches and downtime – a mismanaged network will cost you far more over the life of your business than a proficient computing model that has been realized with Cloud Computing.

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