*The Global Village is a deep dive on McLuhan’s thoughts on the Global Village, edited and pulled together posthumous.

Marshall McLuhan wrote Understanding Media in 1962.  In it, summarized of course, he theorized that humanity was going to return to village-like habits whereby humanity used imagery to transpose meaning, thus leaving the written word behind to a degree.  Seeing how Instagram, Facebook, TV, and mobile devices are consuming our brain waves, I’d have to agree with him.  We used to be able to instruct people through books on subjects and training manuals, but that is not the way the culture works anymore.

People largely learn by being shown…Think:

  • Learning how to fix your doorbell on Youtube….vs. finding a manual
  • Helping your 3rd-grader excel at math via Khan Academy vs. diving into the textbook
  • How to get your iPhone to do something….picture-based knowledge base on Apple.com vs. …well, I don’t think there is a manual for an iPhone that is not picture/video-based.

So what’s your firm doing to transfer knowledge – whether that be to new staff, younger staff, and/or as it relates to new technology rollouts firm-wide?  More and more people are simply unable to learn via standard training sessions or documents that firms have historically used.

So what are some technologies firms can use with the transfer of knowledge?

  • Learning Management Software (LMS): The ability to structure courses…upload videos, knowledge bases, etc.
    • Xcentric’s version of this is embedded within our Cloud Portal
  • Intranet type of technology: Microsoft Yammer is the way to go here
  • Microsoft Teams: A slick way to document team-based conversations
  • Use Zoom or GoToMeeting to record meetings/training sessions so people can consume it later

Check out this follow-up post, which dives deeper into the above tools on how/why to use them at your firm.

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