An accounting firm’s technology and application set is no cake walk.

This is never more apparent when a new employee starts at a firm. Someone at the firm is in charge with making sure that new employee is ready to go with all their applications, correct equipment, correct permissions, and the list goes on.

Tell the truth… how often does that happen at your firm? And if it does happen how long does it take at the firm to get that one person ready to go? DAYS is what I hear in most firms. The buck passes to so many people that it’s bound to get lost along the way, thus creating a less than welcoming first day at the firm where they can’t even get email or watch some training videos.

Not in the Xcentric Cloud.

It literally takes five minutes or less to set up a new employee and have them be on their way. Not only does it only take five minutes, but it’s standardized and secure. Take a look at the video below on what it’s like to set up a staff user.

If this is not your experience, then you are a part of the norm. Most cloud providers do not have the integration that Xcentric has because they:

  1. Didn’t start the process ten years ago of developing their own portal and
  2. They don’t focus on accounting firms, so they couldn’t standardize.

Luckily, Xcentric has been doing both. Browse to this link to learn more about our standardization, features of the Xcentric cloud, and more.

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