In every organization, there are certain aspects that we need to scale.

We see accounting firms that thrive off of one BIG rainmaker…then we see that person leave or retire, and instead of thriving, the firm now concentrates on surviving. That firm needed to scale business development at the partner level vs. depending on one person to get the job done.

One area we have seen firms not scale is their IT support. In many cases, there is this one PERSON who knows everything. I like to call that one person Kevin Bacon. Kevin Bacon can be a full-time employee of the firm or someone at their 3rd party IT vendor. We all love KEVIN…he knows everything about all our IT and can find a fix super fast. Kevin never takes vacations, stays late, tries to help as fast as he can, and we can’t imagine him ever leaving!


A proverbial bus hits them. Kevin resigns from the 3rd party IT company to go in-house at a hospital or oil company. Your in-house IT person is tired of being a fish out of water so wants to join up with an IT company or a tech company where he can be understood.

BUT it worked for sooooo long.

Welp, most parties come to an end…you had a good time while it lasted, and that counts for something.

That said, what Xcentric offers is 225+ technology employees who are either Kevin Bacon or one seat/cube/extension call from Kevin. So many people love to have a person who knows it all, however IT is not the area you want to have this. Too much rides on technology to depend on one person.

A few factoids about how we support firms.

  1. We only work with Accounting firms… yes ONLY.
  2. We have a team-based model that is scale-able & awesome.
  3. We have a few ways to get a hold of support 24/7: email, chat, submit a ticket, or call!
  4. Our support system is embedded into every user’s daily cloud experience.
  5. We have super powerful tools for IT people to use to help support their own organization.
  6. Tons of features for firm members to get a glimpse of their IT service.


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