Mergers are never simple.

Culture, dollars, and staff get all the headlines and rightfully so. What is often forgot is what the technology experience is going to be as a whole and the new staff at the firm. In most cases, especially where a new physical space is added via M&A, that new office begins to feel like an afterthought to those who inhabit it.

At Xcentric, all we do is merge firms into a centralized, best practice process, and provide a way of doing things no matter the location. In short, the cloud represents a more streamlined way to merge firms into one – guaranteeing everyone feels the love. In addition, we have a 10+ staff project team that specializes in helping you carry the burden of making it all happen.

Additionally, our consulting team led by Roman Kepczyk, can help you with application selection, workflow tweaks, and other intangibles as you approach bringing two different technology cultures together.


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