I have a few friends, and some of them are idiots.

We all have them, right? The friends I am referring to in this case are idiots because they always drive without their seat belt on. These friends have kids too! It drives me nuts.

Their logic is:

  • “I don’t like the inconvenience.”
  • “I forget about it.”
  • “I am just running to the store.”
  • “I have never been in an accident!”

The problem is, you and I know it just takes one accident, and all their logic goes out the window (literally…the front one).

This applies to how firms spend money on technology as well.

I see them skimp all the time. Most frequently, they skimp on security and the ability to work remotely. If you skimp on security, like the seat belt, you can get away with it once, twice, maybe even a thousand times. But, it will catch up with you, and in some cases, prove fatal.

In terms of working remotely, this is a sneaky one. We see a star employee go on bed rest or their spouse gets transferred and the firm is left scrambling to cobble something together in order to retain them or keep them productive. In most cases the solution on-the-fly never works out, and that employee moves onto a firm who can truly let them work from home and be productive.

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