I commend those who like to do things themselves.

It’s noble, right? However, there’s a huge difference between maintaining your lawn and installing a fence. One involves simple mowing, the other a major endeavor. Know what else is a major endeavor? Having to maintain an entire technological infrastructure, in-house.

When you have your technology in-house, integrating security solutions can be burdensome. The complex landscape of providers and how those providers integrate with all the technology you have in-house is time-consuming, and frankly, should not be the partners’ problem. At Xcentric, we have taken out the guess work on leading security solutions by rolling them out to your firms for you.

Multi-factor authentication is just one example.

We have partnered with Duo to provide all our firms with multi-factor-authentication (MFA). Within a minute, you can enable every user at your firm with the best MFA product on the market. See for yourself.

And that’s just one. Click to read even more leading solutions that will clear the landscape for your firm. Simplify by letting us build your fence for you; by securing your network in this way, you can concentrate on growth.


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