In most places in America, the only real way to get to work is in a car.

Yes, some people can take the train, subway, walk, or ride a bike. I am jealous…kind-of (Okay, I am not. I like driving too much, as long as traffic is not involved).

That being said, “Hey car drivers, consider selling your car and going with a bicycle instead for your daily commute!” That means less traffic for me!

It will:

  1. Cost you less.
  2. Get you there.
  3. Provide exercise.

Sure, you may:

  1. Lose your sanity because you just multiplied your commute time 20x.
  2. Freak out all the time with people whizzing by you.
  3. Smell because you sweat your tail off.

But hey, you save some money and you get there.

This is the logic with firms who refuse to spend money on technology.

They say: “What we have works!”

Sure, it works, but I see all these other firms passing you by getting to work before you. Only work in this case means: the market, opportunity, profit, the right staff, and fill in other countless blanks.

Just because you can and you do doesn’t mean you should. Trade in the bike for a nice, reliable, (possibly even comfortable/fast/beautiful) car that will get you to opportunity faster. Stop comparing your bike budget to the cost of owning a car.

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