Earth Class Mail (ECM) is a postal online mail management solutions provider that takes care of processing your packages, letters and check deposits for you- like a paperless post office of sorts. Once you redirect your address to point to one of theirs, ECM scans each piece of mail they receive that is addressed to you and posts the image to your secure online account.  Then, all you have to do is log into their secure website and select what you want them to do with each piece.
You can have ECM do any of the following (all with just the click of a mouse):
– Open the piece of mail, scan its contents, and make it available as a downloadable PDF file
– Hold the mail for pickup (at certain facilities only)
– Recycle or shred the mail
– Ship the mail, with your choice of carrier and delivery types, anywhere in the world
– Electronically deposit any checks you receive by mail to your bank account
– Archive the mail in the company’s secure facility
No more mail sorting, scanning, shredding, or check depositing. Let ECM do it for you.
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