The Xcentric Cloud provides powerful tools for IT firm administrators.  In order to efficiently and effectively support users, we realize that firm administrators need increased access to network settings and firm accounts.  In order to provide special administrative access to qualified users, we have developed and integrated advanced tools and utilities into the Xcentric Cloud Portal.

In a traditional or self-hosted network, administrators are required to navigate across their network and servers to access utilities and admin panels located in various locations or on multiple servers.  Provided below is an overview of the functions and utilities made available to IT firm administrators in the Xcentric Cloud Portal within a single pane of glass.

User Creation and Management

Create Users

Setup and create user accounts for the firm. Choose usernames, email addresses, aliases, passwords, and assign applications to create a new user account within minutes.

Manage Users

For existing users, activate or deactivate services, increase mailbox storage, update passwords and manage Duo dual factor security.

Application Management

Add New Applications

IT Admins can select new applications from an extensive list of apps already available on the Xcentric cloud or they request totally new applications be made available to their users.

Manage Application Access

Create application groups to automatically assign different business group users to the exact applications that they will need or individually add and remove application access for specific users.

Store Licensing

Digitally store licensing numbers and information alongside application records to ensure that licenses are always available and accounted for.

Firm Management

Manage Storage

View and increase allocated storage space for firm files, databases, and email boxes.

View Invoices

Access historical and detailed monthly invoices.

Client Hosting Administration

Setup and configure client QuickBooks hosting with the ability to configure and manage hosted users and activate services.

Firm Support

Active User Session Management

View users logged in and the applications that they are running. Terminate individual applications or log off entire user sessions. View user session info including status, logon time, and local client ID.


Access and update support tickets for all users across the firm. Enter tickets for specific users or for the entire firm.

ISP Monitoring

Perform ISP and firewall monitoring with the ability to view status and usage statistics down to individual users and devices within the firm’s network.

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