We are a big fan of people who focus on the accounting community and know how to speak the language.  That said, I want to make sure you know about iTransact.  I have gotten to know a number of their ambassadors through our relationship with the BDO Alliance and have been very impressed by their work ethic and desire to serve their clients well.  Here is a guest post from them that I think is a great introduction to their services.

You may be wondering if there really is a difference in the rates you will pay or are currently paying to process credit cards and other forms of electronic payments transactions.  Will you be able to find something less expensive that still offers as much or maybe even more in services?  iTransact has been in business since 1994 showing our customers just how successfully we are at doing that.  We offer the best rates in the industry and consistently save our merchants between 10-25%.

You know that your business must be able to process credit transactions safely and reliably so why not talk to iTransact about looking into one of our merchant accounts.   We offer a service that we call our “Sure Save Analysis”, which is a free, no obligation rate review for anyone that is already accepting credit transactions.

Instead of us telling you, just read what a few of our satisfied customers have to say about the merchant services that we offer:

“We’ve had several merchant accounts over the years.  We discovered iTransact and couldn’t be happier.  Not only does iTransact provide outstanding and professional customer service, they do so courteously, promptly, and efficiently.  Highly, highly recommended!” direct quote from David Moskowitz, Chief Information Officer of Productivity Solutions, Inc.

“In today’s economic climate, reducing transaction fees is more important than ever, and iTransact can show any type of business how to do exactly that.” said Fred Ball, of Zions Bank from KSL’s “Speaking on Business”.

“The service is great and everything works perfectly.  Everything was easy to set up and get going, and the sales and tech support people were great to work with!” from Marc Bressman, President of Falcon Computer Consulting.

We have many more testimonials from satisfied iTransact customers.  Let us work with you to find a customized plan that will provide solutions for your business and show you ways to start saving money.

iTransact offers a wide selection of merchant services that allow brick-and-mortar retailers, Internet, and phone/mail order businesses to safely process all forms of electronic payment transactions.  Contact us for more details on all the ways we can help your business save money and safely process credit payments using one of our merchant accounts.

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