Cloud Workstation Requirements and Recommendations


The days of the Xcentric store have come to an end. We plan to fulfill all outstanding orders, but no new orders will be taken going forward and the store page will no longer be accessible. Despite no longer providing direct access to purchase machines that we recommend, we leave you with this write up providing our recommendations and minimum requirements for your workstations.



Minimum Requirements

One of the advantages of using our environment is that workstation life-span can be increased significantly, reducing the replacement frequency of workstations. That said, we do recommend that operating systems are updated regularly to the most stable version available. New name-brand business-class computers with sufficient amounts of RAM, processor resources, and the latest operating system will run with less impediments.


Operating System:

The following operating systems have been verified for compatibility:

  • Windows 10 Pro
  • Windows 7
  • Mac OSX (some specific limitations in functionality)



Our environment is compatible with Intel or AMD processors with speeds of 2GHz or greater. We would recommend a processor with quad (4) cores or more to keep up with the growing demands of users for their computers.



4gb of RAM is the minimum requirement for our environment, but we would recommend 8gb up to 16gb of ram for a couple of reasons. As stated earlier workstations in our environment last years longer than traditional workstations and requirements continue to increase for machines as software developers add more features; this helps ensure your machines’ performance does not take a hit for updating to the latest operating system or other software changes. Additionally, some use applications that run on their local workstations for one reason or another. Having the extra ram will prepare you for any requirements of said software(s).



Other recommendations



Make sure all new laptops have a USB-C port as traditional docking stations are being phased out. Additionally, we are seeing 17” laptops as the new trend. This allows room for the full ten-key pad as well as a more full-sized screen for mobile use.


Solid State Drives:

If not already, all your new workstations should be purchased with a solid-state drive or SSD. The technology of SSD stores memory differently than your normal HDD, hard disk drive, in that is has no moving parts. This allows for faster performance as well as reduce the likelihood of damage. That said, we would recommend machines that have HDD to be updated to SSD.


Please reach out to your CSM for any other specific questions on hardware needs.


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