This is the digital age, but printing and handling of physical paper is still important.  Xcentric is here to help.

“Will XYZ printer work in the Xcentric cloud?”

Xcentric has not tested every piece of hardware available with every possible application, in every Citrix environment and with every printer.  However, after checking with our clients and consultants, we have compiled the following guide to help you in choosing a suitable printer/scanner.
We’ve tested more than a ream of paper with dozens of applications and with various computers, coupled with a month-long client demo environment.  We are comfortable offering these printers and MFP devices available from the Xcentric Store.  Additionally, we can offer complete warranty and toner through a nationwide printer partner with a leasing option.

“I see your list, but do you have a printer or MFP that can do XYZ?”

We have a selection of more than 10 printers that we’ve tested, as well as access to various vendors. If the printer/specs you are looking for are not listed here, please let us know and we’ll be happy to source it for you with the same warranty and toner offering mentioned above. 

“Why Lexmark printers?”

  1. Lexmark has industry-leading support because they only create one print driver – Lexmark Universal Print Driver – thus, once this driver is tested you know it will work on a variety of devices that use that same driver.   Simple.  We have tested this driver at Xcentric and it works!
  2. Dual head scanning is standard.
  3. Efficient printer modules is standard.  Printer costs often account for 5% of gross revenue- and is often unmonitored.  An efficient printer is well worth its value.

Here’s a link to the Lexmark Compatibility List.

“What about other vendor compatibility lists?”

Here are a few other compatibility lists that may be of interest:

“What about scanners, any recommendation?”

Desktop Scanners need to be TWAIN compatible for complete integration with applications.  Any Fujitsu ScandAll Pro Scanner is acceptable.  We DO NOT recommend ScanSnap scanners due to integration issues.  Here are three ScandAll Pro Scanners that are reasonably priced, based upon research from May 2012: FI-6110, FI-6130, FI-6230.  Lastly, the ScandAll Pro Software is great for FTP transfer from desktop to Cloud.
Happy Printing, Scanning and Faxing!

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