I recently had an epiphany.

I decided that I was too tired to make a decision about “what to wear” every time I went into my closet. Most days, I can wear whatever I want to work and around town. I don’t have to dress too fancy at a tech company so long as I am not seeing any clients. I love a few select shirts in my closet but I own about seventy (give or take ten). You are probably in a similar situation. You have too much, and you love too few! (I feel like this sentiment sums up many areas of my/our self-absorbed consumerist lives!)

Thankfully, the last time I entered my closet, I had recently purchased a Patagonia Cactus Flats Polo and it quickly became my favorite polo. It checks all the boxes: It looks good with anything, it’s hard to wrinkle, it’s super soft, and it fits well. Then I got an email announcing a sale and within a few minutes had purchased every color they made along with the t-shirt version of it.

Now, I walk into my closet and have reduced the amount of decisions I have to make drastically. This statement may sound stupid to many and perhaps too simpleton. But, I currently spend so much time on work and family that I don’t have minutes to spare. In the end, what I wear doesn’t move the needle in my daily life.

So where are you going with this Roy?

So it goes with technology. I have been a part of so many firms, technology committees, huddles, and non-decision-making-teams discussing what SAN/Storage they are going to buy or if they should have extended warranties on servers or not before tax season and I am always left thinking:

”This is why you are frustrated in your efforts to grow the firm!”

There are too many decisions in business, let alone life, and most of them (if we are being honest with ourselves) don’t make your firm any more valuable. A server room has never driven a multiple on an exit… I have yet to hear of it!

So like my wardrobe, what needs to whittled down? In most cases it’s 90% of your blink-y lights.

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